Mother Earth News Fair – Seven Springs, PA

The week after the Expo in North Carolina we attended the Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs, PA. That was also a wonderful show and we’re hoping to return next year.

On the way to Seven Springs we picked up a number of excellent new non-electric and hand-powered items for the farm and homestead, including the Little Dutch Maid hand-cranked mixer (made from the excellent Bosch kitchen mixer), butane-powered Sad Irons , laundry carts and more. We sold a whole lot of double-washtub washer ringers, Hoss wheel hoes and Berkey Water filters. A big thanks to everyone invovled!

Here’s a few pictures of this memorable event (we hope to post some video¬† as well, so check back soon):

At the Self-Reliance Expo in Hickory, NC

The expo in Dallas TX was so successful we were able to attend the next one in Hickory, North Carolina in September. We nearly sold out! Some notable items included Marugg Scythes, Sun Ovens, the difficult to obtain Spear & Jackson Spades and Forks and a bumper crop of Eco-Zoom Rocket Stoves. We had a new Roller/Flaker made by GrainMaker (make-your-own oatmeal!) and their all-new grain grinder model #35 (which came out after our new catalog was published). We sold out on all the large grain mills, including the Country Living Mill.

Here’s a few pictures from that show (click an image to view it full size):