Sport Berkey Review By Chris Krosschell March 19, 2012

Sport Berkey Water Filter for Campers and Hikers

Sport Berkey

I’ve been using the Sport Berkey for two months in central Texas and am very happy with it. For my first use of it I went to my pond in my back pasture and filled it up. My pond had been dry due to the extreme drought and had just filled up. I felt the water would not be as pure as tap water but would be relatively pure for standing water. I figured this would be a good initial test that would not put me at too terrible a risk if things did not go well. When I drank this water through the Sport Berkey straw, I did not even notice a bad taste. The initial test seemed good. My second use of it was from the tap at my kitchen sink. As expected, there were no issues with that. My third use was from water that had been standing for two weeks. I did this in early February so the water was not as murky as it would have been in the summer after two weeks but there was a definite strong green tint to it. I noticed a slight taste change in this test but did not notice any bad results. I’ve used the Sport Berkey several times since these tests in tap water and ground water and it has worked well every time.

So far, I do recommend this as an excellent resource for a survival kit. It seems that if you can get to almost any kind of water, you can use this.
I do want to add that the instructions do say that it is not for salt water use. I also like the thought that the instructions point out: If you think you have some really bad water or water that it won’t filter go ahead and add some chlorine tablets or iodine tablets. The chemical will kill the organism but will be filtered out of the water through the filter! This seems to be the best of both worlds.

Lastly, I want to point out that it took us 20 minutes to figure out how to use it because the straw was either intentionally sealed or pinch sealed at the cap. I had to pinch the bound ends of the straw to open it up so that liquid could go through it.