Country Living Grain Mill

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Country Living Mill
  Country Living Grain Mill Solid I-beam construction from cast aircraft aluminum, double industrial sealed bearings, stainless steel shaft, and carbon steel grinding plates come together to make a rugged and durable mill, which we back with our lifetime warranty.    Accessories Sold Separately ..
Hopper Lid
  Hopper Lid for Country Living Mill Keep the hopper of your Country Living Grain Mill clear of dust and hungry rodents with this handsome lid constructed from natural wood.  Designed to fit snugly inside the lip of the hopper. ..
Hopper Extension
  The Country Living Hopper Extension This hopper extension is designed especially for those of you with motorized mills. It more than doubles the capacity of the existing hopper from 4 1/2 cups to nearly 11 cups. It settles inside the lip of the Country Living Mill's hopper and the wooden hopper lid (sold separately) fits right on top. The hopper extension makes for a handy accessory for large families and farmers grinding feed.  ..
Corn and Bean Large Auger
  The Corn and Bean Large Auger Now your Country Living Grain Mill can be even more versatile! Use the large auger to mill corn, beans, and coffee. To use, simply replace the standard spring auger with this larger auger. The large auger is cast from stainless steel. ..
Storage Bin with Lid
  High Impact Polymer Bin with Storage Lid This beautiful, clear bin with etched wheat pattern is designed to fit snugly underneath your Country Living Grain Mill hopper. After grinding, simply place the protective lid on the Country Living Bin for perfect storage of your freshly ground flour. This attractive bin has an 8-cup capacity! ..
Power Bar
  The Power Bar Reduce the effort of grinding grain by 40%! This steel extension attaches quickly and easily to the flywheel of your Country Living Grain Mill, creating more torque and making for an easier grind. ..
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