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We have many comments in our store about Rada Cutlery.
Weekly, someone walks in and exclaims,
"You have Rada knives! These are the best knives I've ever used!"

Recommended by cooks in home kitchens everywhere. You can't go wrong with Rada Cutlery. Each knife blade is made from surgical quality T420 high carbon stainless steel. Hollow-ground to ensure a long-lasting edge that is talked about everywhere.

Rada Cutlery has been making fine knives since 1948.
Made right here in the U.S.A., each knife has a lifetime guarantee.


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Carving Gift Set, 2pc
Carving Gift Set Item Number: S13 Product Description: Proudly use this set at Thanksgiving or any other special occasion to carve your dinner with style! (Carver/Boner, Carving Fork) ..
Serving Gift Set, 2 Piece
Serving Gift Set Item Number: S37 Product Description: The perfect set for entertaining your family and friends! (Mini Server, Serrated Pie Server) ..
Super-Sized Pare and Peel Gift Set, 2 Piece
Super-Sized Pare & Peel Gift Set Item Number: S47 Product Description: These two have larger handles and cutting surfaces making large jobs easier. (Super Parer, Deluxe Vegetable Peeler) ..
Breakfast Gift Set, 3pc
Breakfast Gift Set Item Number: S51 Product Description: What better way to start your morning than with these three knives in helping you prepare your breakfast! (Grapefruit Knife, Super Spreader, Bagel Knife) ..
Housewarming Gift Set, 3 piece
Starter Gift Set Item Number: S02 Product Description: These three knives offer a full range of cutting solutions. The Basic set every home should start with. (Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Slicer) ..
2 - 3 Days
Paring Knives Set, 3 Piece
Paring Knives Galore Gift Set Item Number: S01 Product Description: You can't miss with a gift that includes three of the most often used knives in the house. Great starter set or to replace those dull imports. (Peeling Paring, Regular Paring, Heavy Duty Paring) ..
2 - 3 Days
Peel, Pare and Slice Gift Set, 3 Piece
Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set Item Number: S18 Product Description: Vegetable preparation extraordinaire! This set offers you three of the all-time best! Our number one selling gift set will be sure to please. (Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Tomato Slicer) ..
4 Serrated Steak Knives Set
Four Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set Item Number: S4S Product Description: Four Serrated Steak Knives with mini serrations for cutting T-Bone Steak, Iowa Chops, Pot Roasts and Pork Loins. Great starter gift! (3 7/8" blade, 7 3/4" overall) ..
Meal Prep Gift Set, 4 Piece
Meal Prep Gift Set Item Number: S05 Product Description: This combination will handle almost every paring, dicing, slicing or peeling chore. This set should be standard issue with every kitchen! (Granny Paring, Heavy Duty Paring, Super Parer, Vegetable Peeler) ..
Wedding Gift Set, 4 Piece
Starter Plus Gift Set Item Number: S04 Product Description: Wide range of knife sizes cover oodles of cooking possibilities. (Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Stubby Butcher, Slicer) ..
6 Serrated Steak Knives Set
Six Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set Item Number: S6S Product Description: A full setting gift set with six Serrated Steak knives (3 7/8" blade, 7 3/4" overall). Mini serrations cut through Porterhouse Steaks, Ribeyes, and Pork Roasts. ..
2 - 3 Days
Ultimate Gift Set, 7 Piece
The Ultimate Gift Set Item Number: S38 Product Description: This set includes some of our most popular items to provide a well-rounded kitchen cutlery starter set. (Regular Paring, Veg. Peeler, Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, 6" Bread Slicer, Cook's Knife, Slicer) ..
Creative Cuts Small Oak Block, Metal Handle
Creative Cuts Oak Block Set Item Number: S42 Product Description: Amazing selection of knives to support your favorite cooking tasks. (Slicer, Carving Fork, Tomato Slicer, Utility/Steak, Heavy Duty Paring, Granny Paring) ..
Large Oak Block With Knives
Colossal Oak Block Set Item Number: S43 Product Description: Imagine the look on your customer's face when they receive this beautiful oak block set! (French Chef, "Old Fashioned" Butcher, Slicer, Carving Fork, Utility/Steak, Super Parer, Vegetable Peeler, Regular Paring) ..
Filet Knife and Sharpener Gift Set
Fillet Knife & Sharpener Gift Set Item Number: S08 Product Description: This set makes a great gift for an outdoor's lover! (Knife Sharpener, Fillet Knife with Scabbard) ..
2 - 3 Days
Knife Sharpener
Quick Edge Knife Sharpener 3 1/2" long by 1 1/2" wide by 2" tall Item Number: R119 Product Description: Simply pull your blade between steel wheels to sharpen. The incredibly hard steel wheels are the secret to our famous knife sharpener. ..
Filet Knife With Scabbard
Fillet Knife with Scabbard blade 7 1/8", overall 12 1/8"l Item Number: R200 Product Description: The long blade is incredibly sharp and is designed to bend easily to cut around bones. The leather scabbard makes it easy to wear on a belt for instant accessibility! ..
10 Inch Bread Slicer
10" Bread Slicer blade 9 1/2", overall 14" Item Number: R112 Awesome for slicing fresh, warm homemade bread, garlic bread and baguettes. ..
6 Inch Bread Slicer
6" Bread Slicer blade 6"/overall 10 1/4" Item Number: R136 Product Description: This 6 inch bread knife is excellent for cutting those fresh, homemade goodies such as banana bread, hoagie buns and cakes. Comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee against defects. ..
Bagel Knife
Bagel Knife blade 6", overall 10 3/8" Item Number: R118 Product Description: The Rada Bagel Knife has wide serrations on the blade allowing easy slicing on bagels, English Muffins and other baked goods. ..
Carver Boner
Carver/Boner blade 6 5/8", overall 11" Item Number: R108 Product Description: The Rada Carver Boner knife features a flexible blade that encourages precise carving around bones. Easily carves chickens, turkeys or filet fish. Made of surgical quality, high carbon stainless steel. ..
Chef's Dicer
Chef's Dicer blade 5 1/4", overall 9 1/2" Item Number: R129 Product Description: Uses: Chop stir fry meats and vegetables, split large ribs, cut through poultry bones. ..
Cook's Knife
Cook's Knife blade 6 1/4", overall 10 3/4" Item Number: R134 Product Description: Uses: Minces and dices vegetables for soups, salads, casseroles and other recipes. ..
Cook's Utility Knife
Cook's Utility Knife blade 4 3/4", overall 8 1/2" Item Number: R140 Product Description: Rocks for slicing and dicing but smaller and easier to control like a paring knife. ..
French Chef's Knife
French Chef Knife blade 8 1/2", overall 13" Item Number: R131 Product Description: Uses: Serious cooks like the large cutting surface for mincing and dicing. ..
Granny Paring Knife
Granny Paring Knife blade 2 3/8", overall 6" Item Number: R100 Product Description: Uses: Cut items towards you with the curved blade. ..
Grapefruit Knife
Grapefruit Knife blade 3 3/8", overall 7" Item Number: R130 Product Description: Specially designed to separate grapefruit from the peel. ..
Ham Slicer Knife
Ham Slicer blade 9 1/2", overall 14" Item Number: R111 Product Description: Slice and serve ham, prime rib and pork loin with ease. Hand sharpened for razor sharp edges. ..
Heavy Duty Paring Knife
Heavy Duty Paring Knife blade 3 1/4", overall 7 1/8" Item Number: R103 Product Description: Uses: Longer handle provides more control in your paring tasks. ..
Old Fashioned Butcher Knife
"Old-Fashioned" Butcher blade 7 3/4", overall 11 3/4" Item Number: R109 Product Description: Hefty blade is ideal for splitting, stripping and cutting meat. ..
Peeling Paring
Peeling Paring blade 2 1/2", overall 6 1/4" Item Number: R102 Product Description: Uses: Peel fruits and vegetables or use for garnishes. ..
Regular Paring
Regular Paring blade 3 1/4", overall 6 3/4" Item Number: R101 Product Description: This knife is our most popular knife. This is because it is the perfect size for so many cutting tasks such as quartering apples, cutting mushrooms, celery, and green beans - the list goes on! ..
Serrated Slicer
Serrated Slicer blade 7"/overall 11 1/2" Item Number: R138 Product Description: Larger serrated blade is ideal for cutting bigger vegetables and fruits. ..
Serrated Steak
Serrated Steak Knife blade 3 7/8", overall 7 3/4" Item Number: R105 Product Description: The serrated blade makes it easy to cut steak, pork chops and any meat. ..
Slicer Knife, Aluminum Handle
Slicer blade 7", overall 11 1/2" Item Number: R107 Product Description: Slice roast beef, pork loins, turkeys and other meats with ease. Our longest slicer with a non-serrated blade. ..
Steak Utility Knife
Utility/Steak Knife blade 4 7/8", overall 8 3/4" Item Number: R104 Product Description: The Utility/Steak knife is a longstanding favorite because of its versatility. Set at the table to cut meats or use during meal preparation. ..
Stubby Butcher Knife
Stubby Butcher blade 5 3/8", overall 9 7/8" Item Number: R106 Product Description: Cut up raw meats with this handy sized knife. ..
Super Parer Knife
Super Parer blade 4 3/8", overall 8 3/8" Item Number: R127 Product Description: Large, comfortable handle and rugged blade allows for a wide range of cutting tasks. ..
Tomato Slicer
Tomato Slicer blade 5", overall 8 3/4" Item Number: R126 Product Description: Slice tomatoes paper-thin! Great for peppers too. Serrated on both sides to cut straight through. ..
2 - 3 Days
Vegetable Peeler
Vegetable Peeler blade 1 3/4", overall 7 1/4" Item Number: R132 Product Description: Amazingly sharp! Right or left-handed use. Blade swivels with produce shape. ..
Deluxe Vegetable Peeler
Deluxe Vegetable Peeler blade 2"/ overall 8 1/2" Item Number: R141 Product Description: Uses: The bigger handle and longer cutting surface makes big peeling chores easy! ..
Handi-Stir Whisk
Handi-Stir overall 9 1/4" Item Number: R117 Product Description: Angle of "whisk" head is ideal for mixing gravy, jello, batters and sauces. ..
Pizza Cutter
Pizza Cutter wheel 3", overall 7 3/4" Item Number: R121 Product Description: Quickly cut all types of pizza - frozen, homemade, carry-out and delivery. ..
Cook's Spoon with Holes
Cook's Spoon with holes bowl 2 1/2" wide, 3" long, and 1/2" deep, overall 11 5/8" Item Number: R125 Product Description: Holes make it easy to drain water or juices when serving! ..
Cook's Spoon, no holes
Cook's Spoon -Plain bowl 2 1/2" wide, 3" long, and 1/2" deep, overall 11 5/8" Item Number: R123 Product Description: Stub-nosed spoon makes it easy to scoop, large deep bowl and comfortable handle. ..
Serverspoon face 3 1/2" by 1 5/8", overall 8 7/8" Item Number: R116 Product Description: Stir fried potatoes, whip eggs, drain and serve hot vegetables, scrape roasting pan drippings. ..
Spatula face 3 3/8" by 2", overall 8 3/4" Item Number: R114 Product Description: Serve brownies, lasagna and other casseroles. ..
2 - 3 Days
Turnover face 3 3/4" by 3 1/4", overall 10 1/4" Item Number: R128 Product Description: Turn hamburgers and other meats, remove fresh baked cookies. ..
2 - 3 Days
Mini Server
Mini Server face 2" by 1 7/8", overall 7 1/2" Item Number: R133 Product Description: Uses: Serve sheet cakes and bars, great for jello. ..
2 - 3 Days
Serrated Pie Server
Serrated Pie Server 4 1/8" by 2 3/8" triangle face, overall 9 1/2" Item Number: R120 Product Description: Great for cutting and serving pies, round cakes and pizza. ..
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