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10 Inch Bread Slicer
10" Bread Slicer blade 9 1/2", overall 14" Item Number: R112 Awesome for slicing fresh, warm homemade bread, garlic bread and baguettes. ..
6 Inch Bread Slicer
6" Bread Slicer blade 6"/overall 10 1/4" Item Number: R136 Product Description: This 6 inch bread knife is excellent for cutting those fresh, homemade goodies such as banana bread, hoagie buns and cakes. Comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee against defects. ..
Bagel Knife
Bagel Knife blade 6", overall 10 3/8" Item Number: R118 Product Description: The Rada Bagel Knife has wide serrations on the blade allowing easy slicing on bagels, English Muffins and other baked goods. ..
Carver Boner
Carver/Boner blade 6 5/8", overall 11" Item Number: R108 Product Description: The Rada Carver Boner knife features a flexible blade that encourages precise carving around bones. Easily carves chickens, turkeys or filet fish. Made of surgical quality, high carbon stainless steel. ..
Chef's Dicer
Chef's Dicer blade 5 1/4", overall 9 1/2" Item Number: R129 Product Description: Uses: Chop stir fry meats and vegetables, split large ribs, cut through poultry bones. ..
Cook's Knife
Cook's Knife blade 6 1/4", overall 10 3/4" Item Number: R134 Product Description: Uses: Minces and dices vegetables for soups, salads, casseroles and other recipes. ..
Cook's Utility Knife
Cook's Utility Knife blade 4 3/4", overall 8 1/2" Item Number: R140 Product Description: Rocks for slicing and dicing but smaller and easier to control like a paring knife. ..
French Chef's Knife
French Chef Knife blade 8 1/2", overall 13" Item Number: R131 Product Description: Uses: Serious cooks like the large cutting surface for mincing and dicing. ..
Granny Paring Knife
Granny Paring Knife blade 2 3/8", overall 6" Item Number: R100 Product Description: Uses: Cut items towards you with the curved blade. ..
Grapefruit Knife
Grapefruit Knife blade 3 3/8", overall 7" Item Number: R130 Product Description: Specially designed to separate grapefruit from the peel. ..
Ham Slicer Knife
Ham Slicer blade 9 1/2", overall 14" Item Number: R111 Product Description: Slice and serve ham, prime rib and pork loin with ease. Hand sharpened for razor sharp edges. ..
Heavy Duty Paring Knife
Heavy Duty Paring Knife blade 3 1/4", overall 7 1/8" Item Number: R103 Product Description: Uses: Longer handle provides more control in your paring tasks. ..
Old Fashioned Butcher Knife
"Old-Fashioned" Butcher blade 7 3/4", overall 11 3/4" Item Number: R109 Product Description: Hefty blade is ideal for splitting, stripping and cutting meat. ..
Peeling Paring
Peeling Paring blade 2 1/2", overall 6 1/4" Item Number: R102 Product Description: Uses: Peel fruits and vegetables or use for garnishes. ..
Regular Paring
Regular Paring blade 3 1/4", overall 6 3/4" Item Number: R101 Product Description: This knife is our most popular knife. This is because it is the perfect size for so many cutting tasks such as quartering apples, cutting mushrooms, celery, and green beans - the list goes on! ..
Serrated Slicer
Serrated Slicer blade 7"/overall 11 1/2" Item Number: R138 Product Description: Larger serrated blade is ideal for cutting bigger vegetables and fruits. ..
Serrated Steak
Serrated Steak Knife blade 3 7/8", overall 7 3/4" Item Number: R105 Product Description: The serrated blade makes it easy to cut steak, pork chops and any meat. ..
Slicer Knife, Aluminum Handle
Slicer blade 7", overall 11 1/2" Item Number: R107 Product Description: Slice roast beef, pork loins, turkeys and other meats with ease. Our longest slicer with a non-serrated blade. ..
Steak Utility Knife
Utility/Steak Knife blade 4 7/8", overall 8 3/4" Item Number: R104 Product Description: The Utility/Steak knife is a longstanding favorite because of its versatility. Set at the table to cut meats or use during meal preparation. ..
Stubby Butcher Knife
Stubby Butcher blade 5 3/8", overall 9 7/8" Item Number: R106 Product Description: Cut up raw meats with this handy sized knife. ..
Super Parer Knife
Super Parer blade 4 3/8", overall 8 3/8" Item Number: R127 Product Description: Large, comfortable handle and rugged blade allows for a wide range of cutting tasks. ..
Tomato Slicer
Tomato Slicer blade 5", overall 8 3/4" Item Number: R126 Product Description: Slice tomatoes paper-thin! Great for peppers too. Serrated on both sides to cut straight through. ..
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