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Carving Gift Set, 2pc
Carving Gift Set Item Number: S13 Product Description: Proudly use this set at Thanksgiving or any other special occasion to carve your dinner with style! (Carver/Boner, Carving Fork) ..
Serving Gift Set, 2 Piece
Serving Gift Set Item Number: S37 Product Description: The perfect set for entertaining your family and friends! (Mini Server, Serrated Pie Server) ..
Super-Sized Pare and Peel Gift Set, 2 Piece
Super-Sized Pare & Peel Gift Set Item Number: S47 Product Description: These two have larger handles and cutting surfaces making large jobs easier. (Super Parer, Deluxe Vegetable Peeler) ..
Breakfast Gift Set, 3pc
Breakfast Gift Set Item Number: S51 Product Description: What better way to start your morning than with these three knives in helping you prepare your breakfast! (Grapefruit Knife, Super Spreader, Bagel Knife) ..
Housewarming Gift Set, 3 piece
Starter Gift Set Item Number: S02 Product Description: These three knives offer a full range of cutting solutions. The Basic set every home should start with. (Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Slicer) ..
2 - 3 Days
Paring Knives Set, 3 Piece
Paring Knives Galore Gift Set Item Number: S01 Product Description: You can't miss with a gift that includes three of the most often used knives in the house. Great starter set or to replace those dull imports. (Peeling Paring, Regular Paring, Heavy Duty Paring) ..
2 - 3 Days
Peel, Pare and Slice Gift Set, 3 Piece
Peel, Pare & Slice Gift Set Item Number: S18 Product Description: Vegetable preparation extraordinaire! This set offers you three of the all-time best! Our number one selling gift set will be sure to please. (Regular Paring, Vegetable Peeler, Tomato Slicer) ..
4 Serrated Steak Knives Set
Four Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set Item Number: S4S Product Description: Four Serrated Steak Knives with mini serrations for cutting T-Bone Steak, Iowa Chops, Pot Roasts and Pork Loins. Great starter gift! (3 7/8" blade, 7 3/4" overall) ..
Meal Prep Gift Set, 4 Piece
Meal Prep Gift Set Item Number: S05 Product Description: This combination will handle almost every paring, dicing, slicing or peeling chore. This set should be standard issue with every kitchen! (Granny Paring, Heavy Duty Paring, Super Parer, Vegetable Peeler) ..
Wedding Gift Set, 4 Piece
Starter Plus Gift Set Item Number: S04 Product Description: Wide range of knife sizes cover oodles of cooking possibilities. (Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Stubby Butcher, Slicer) ..
6 Serrated Steak Knives Set
Six Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set Item Number: S6S Product Description: A full setting gift set with six Serrated Steak knives (3 7/8" blade, 7 3/4" overall). Mini serrations cut through Porterhouse Steaks, Ribeyes, and Pork Roasts. ..
2 - 3 Days
Ultimate Gift Set, 7 Piece
The Ultimate Gift Set Item Number: S38 Product Description: This set includes some of our most popular items to provide a well-rounded kitchen cutlery starter set. (Regular Paring, Veg. Peeler, Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, 6" Bread Slicer, Cook's Knife, Slicer) ..
Creative Cuts Small Oak Block, Metal Handle
Creative Cuts Oak Block Set Item Number: S42 Product Description: Amazing selection of knives to support your favorite cooking tasks. (Slicer, Carving Fork, Tomato Slicer, Utility/Steak, Heavy Duty Paring, Granny Paring) ..
Large Oak Block With Knives
Colossal Oak Block Set Item Number: S43 Product Description: Imagine the look on your customer's face when they receive this beautiful oak block set! (French Chef, "Old Fashioned" Butcher, Slicer, Carving Fork, Utility/Steak, Super Parer, Vegetable Peeler, Regular Paring) ..
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