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Root Cellaring by Mike and Nancy Bubel, Mike Bubel (1991, Paperback)
Trying economic times cause people to turn to the basics, such as canning, sewing, and even root cellaring. Storing vegetables in a cellar isn't simply about tossing potatoes in a box. It requires careful planning, proper storage facilities, and excellent technique. Whether in the city or country, in a closet or a basement, there's always a way to store vegetables all winter long, and authors Mike and Nancy Bubel guide readers with clarity and simplicity. Anyone can learn to store fru..
A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking Meat, Fish and Game (2002, Paperback)
A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking Meat, Fish and Game by Wilbur F. Eastman Jr. (2002, Paperback) This no-nonsense guide to canning, freezing, curing, and smoking meat, fish, and game is written in down-to-earth, informative, everyday language. The third edition of this perennial bestseller is completely revised and updated to comply with the latest USDA health and safety guidelines. Includes dozens of delicious recipes for homemade Beef Jerky, Pemmican, Venison Mincemeat, C..
Blue Book Guide To Canning
Learn to can the safe and easy way. The 100th Anniversary Edition of the Ball Blue Book is your complete guide to home canning and preserving. This book teaches you everything you need to know about Canning and Preserving, High-Acid Foods, Soft Spreads, Pickled Foods, Low-Acid Foods, Special Diet, Sweet and Savory Combinations, Freezing, Dehydrating and more. It's 128 pages of illustrated step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and understand. Soft cover. ..
The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest (2002, Paperback, Revised)
Remember how grandmother's cellar shelves were packed with jars of tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes, pickled beets and cauliflower, and pickles both sweet and dill? Learn how to save a summer day - in batches - from the classic primer, now updated and rejacketed. Use the latest inexpensive, timesaving techniques for drying, freezing, canning, and pickling. Anyone can capture the delicate flavors of fresh foods for year-round enjoyment and create a well-stocked pantry of fruits, vegetables..
Preserve It Naturally (New 3rd Edition)
This is our New Third Edition complete with a new Chapter on Raw and Living Foods and more Recipes.. We lovingly wrote and photographed this beautiful all-color book: This is THE book on dehydrating! Everything you wanted to know about dehydration and more can be found in this informative book. Chapters on fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, herbs, nuts, grains, dairy products, crafts, cake decorating, potpourri, sachets, macrame beads, dough art, wreaths, raw and living foods and much more. Rec..
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