Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Water Filter

Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Water Filter
Brand: New Millennium
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Berkey developed this filter to address the concerns of the many who find fluoride in drinking water unaccptable. 

Berkey fluoride water filter allows you to make the decision for yourself by reducing the amount of fluoride in your water by 95%.

Under normal conditions it is recommended that each set of two BerkeyPF-2 fluoride water filters should be replaced after 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters). Example: If you had a Big Berkey system (2 gallon capacity) and you refilled the system 2 times per day, you would be using 4 gallons of water per day. Under these conditions the PF-2 fluoride filter elements would last 250 days (1000 gal. divided by 4 = 250) or a little over 8 months. Actual replacement period for the PF-2 fluoride filter is dependent on how much water You would use and the presence of other competing contaminants in the source water. High levels of fluoride, arsenic and heavy metals may reduce the capacity and efficiency of the S filter elements.

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