GrainMaker Mill, #99 with Clamp

GrainMaker Mill, #99 with Clamp
GrainMaker Mill, #99 with Clamp GrainMaker Mill, #99 with Clamp GrainMaker Mill, #99 with Clamp
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This is the new model #99 Mill with six-cup hopper and 12" flywheel
includes clamp.

The GrainMaker Mill is easy to assemble and take apart. Simply turn the adjustment knob counter-clockwise to remove it, remove the front burr, lift off the dust cover and remove it, turn the stationary burr clockwise about 15° to remove, and pull out the stainless steel GrainBreaker auger. That's it! Reverse the order and attach the handle to assemble.

When using the GrainMaker Mill for dry material, there's no need to clean it after every use. We include a small brush to dislodge any dry remains, and the powder-coated body is easily wiped clean. After grinding peanuts, flax seed, coffee or other oily materials, simply disassemble and hand wash the grinding burrs and auger. We've also found that grinding legumes after peanuts helps absorb some of the peanut oil so the mill is easier to clean.

Using your GrainMaker Mill
When hand grinding, the mill must be secured to your counter or work surface by either bolting through the base or using the optional clamp. Motor driven mills must be bolted securely before attaching the appropriate belt -- no exceptions!

The hopper holds a full six cups of dry material: see the list of grains below or experiment with your own combinations. Give the handle a few turns to test both the coarseness of the finished product and the amount of resistance you feel. You can correct/adjust the coarseness or fineness of the finished product by loosening or tightening the adjustment knob. To make it easier to grind very small grains, it may be necessary to take out the stainless steel auger and replace it with the coil auger.

Making Our Mills
GrainMaker Mills are hand-crafted, formed, not cast, in our Montana machine shop. Our mill is a quality machine, made to deliver years of trouble-free service, not a toy.

Every part of the mill including the body, handle, hopper, stainless steel GrainBreaker auger and high-quality alloy grinding burrs are made on-site, so we know we can guarantee the quality. Many of the GrainMaker's parts are machined from solid material, including the dust cover, adjustment knob, main shaft and GrainBreaker auger.

Our GrainMaker flour mill is made to the same rigid standards we use when making parts for a custom rifle manufacturer, dies for the aerospace industry and other clients. We're very proud to say that our mills come with a lifetime heirloom guarantee, and that even covers our burrs!

We use a GrainMaker flour mill in our own kitchen, so we understand what customers want in a quality mill:

• Large Hopper: We designed our mill with a large hopper that holds six cups of grain -- that’s enough flour to make two loaves of bread.

• Dust Guard: Milling flour creates some dust; we added a guard to keep it down.

• Adjustable: The GrainMaker Mill is adjustable, so you control the coarseness or fineness of the finished product with the simple turn of the locking knob -- you never have to grind material twice. 

• Easy to Use: We designed our mill with a large 12" flywheel and handle extension to increase leverage so the mill is easy to use. With modest effort, you can expect to output from three-quarters of a cup to a cup and a half of flour a minute when grinding by hand. Note: Some grains and legumes are harder to grind than others; experiment with removing the resistance coil auger to make the handle easier to turn.

 Every GrainMaker® mill is tested before it is securely packaged to ship. Your mill comes complete and ready to use; the mounting clamp is included. 

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