Underwood Horse Medicine

Underwood Horse Medicine
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Underwood Horse Medicine - rated the best wound spray available!

Topical wound spray for minor and major cuts, punctures, rips and tears of flesh

Underwood Horse Medicine is used and loved by horse enthusiasts all across the country. Very highly rated and recommend.

Key Benefits

  Extraordinarily Fast Healing
  Saves Money
  Time Saving
  Easy to Use
  Deters flies

Although Underwood Horse Medicine was developed for horses, it's amazing healing properties have been successful on..

  Dogs and Cats
  Goats and Sheep
  even Ostriches


Testimonials and reviews can be found here (please note the page linked below contains graphic before-and-after photos of example wounds)


Here's one user's tale of treating a horse wound with this superb wound dressing:


Many users report very good success with little or no scars remaining after healing is complete.

One reports purchasing a roping horse with an apparently hopeless torn leg for $200 at an auction and after successful application of Underwood Horse Medicine, sold the horse for $6500!


Tested and Used By:

  Breeders of World Champions
  Equine Specialists
  NCHA Champion
  IPRA World Champion
  WPRA World Champion
  APHA Halter World Champion



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